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Magnetic Baldric System

In development...

The MKI Magnetic Baldric is a proven video-game-character style sword stowage harness.

Positive engagement is acheived by hovering the sword near the magnets, once within proximity; the sword will snap into place securely to one or both of the powerful magnets. When only one magnet is engaged initially, rotating the sword to it's optimal "clock-angle" while attached to your back will allow you to find and engage the second anti-sway magnet and reinforce the holding of the blade simultaneously.
The idea is that quick engage/disengagement of the blade can be acheived similar to how any video game character removes a weapon from their back. Can be adapted to hold guns or other types of weapons and non ferrous entities via the addition of magnets or magnetic material.

Currently MKI of the Magnetic Baldric has been tested to work with any ferrous metal blade.

Can support swords as heavy as 12 lbs.
         -It can hold more weight but for the wearer; around 10lbs is already very uncomfortable.
Maintains weapon lock through moderate impulse (jumping)
No known breakaway impulse. Likely would result in personal injury to find (a high jump)
Works with Prototype Durandael with standard magnets.
MKII in development - will field test for full range compatibility.

MK1 Magnetic Frog

In development...

The MK1 Magnetic Frog is capable of holding a side arm of light weight securely to one's thigh. It is being redesigned to be able to hold a second, light weight sword securely. Currently will insecurely hold 60" Ichigo Bankai Katana. Ultimate goal is to recreate effect of Vergil from DMC3, allowing the quick use of primary weapon from the hip, and heavy weapon removed from the back.